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WordPress website

WordPress website

Are you looking for a new website for your company? We create professional, unique and search engine friendly websites which are focused on generating results.

WordPress Website
 User-friendly CMS
 Relatively easy SEO configuration
 Versatile and flexible
 Custom development possible

Develop a WordPress website with Webconexus

We build both simple and complex websites with WordPress. First we look at your vision, ideas or insights. We think it is important that finished websites actually ensure that you grow online . At first we try to get to know your company a little better, this will help in the development process and ensures that are thoughts are fully aligned. This help will greatly in getting a better result.

Before we start creating a WordPress website, we show the client some templates / themes. This gives us a good global sense on what you want to see in your website. You are completely free in choosing your own theme. Unlike other companies where you often have to choose from a select number of themes, we find it very important that you can distinguish yourself online and get a unique WordPress website. After you have chosen a theme, we first check whether it meets all our requirements. For example, we look at the number of requests and the semantic structure of the theme. This will ensure that at a later stage in the project, your website will be faster, rank higher in Google and has better scalability.

Do you already own a live website? No problem. We work with our own development environment so your current website will remain online. In addition to our advice on the right theme choice, our WordPress websites are also delivered with Google Analytics & Google Search console integration as a standard. Next to that we also make your WordPress website responsive . This means how the website will look like on different screen sizes and mobile devices. We think this is currently one of the most important points when developing a website. Because more than half of all website traffic nowadays is generated via a mobile device, this is an essential part. At last we provide you with visual supporting material. For example, copyright-free photos, icons, videos and more. All you have to do is come up with the website text! Of course we can also help a slight hand with this.

In the development process there are several moments for client feedback and when we deliver the website we discuss the result together. After everything has been approved, we deploy the WordPress website and ensure that it is fully indexable for the various search engines. The sitemaps are stored in Google Search Console so that your website starts with good search engine optimization right from day one.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. A CMS is a system that is used to manage the content of a website. It has a control panel in which you can easily manage and adjust the website, without the need of any knowledge of programming languages. You can divide WordPress into three main categories:

  1. The WordPress CMS System.
  2. WordPress themes.
  3. Additional plugins.

1. WordPress CMS system.

WordPress contains a lot of functionalities that come straight out of the box. WordPress screams simplicity . This means you do not need web administrators, and you are completely in charge of your own website or webshop. There are also many different (free) plugins available to expand your website. With WordPress you can for example:

  • Add, edit & delete web pages.
  • Add, edit & delete texts.
  • Add, modify & delete products.
  • Post photos.
  • Post important announcements.
  • Post new vacancies.

2. WordPress themes.

Themes also called templates are the visual layer which comes on top of the technical code at the back-end. These provide the general design of a WordPress website. The theme gives a good presentation of what you would like to see on your own website.

Modifying a WordPress theme is done by changing and adjusting the style sheets (CSS) and the PHP files. Errors in these files can result in a website crash and therefore, this is not advisable for people without any knowledge of programming. We specialize in creating WordPress websites and can fully adapt each theme to your wishes and requirements.

There are more than 3000 usable themes available, each with its own unique style elements and possibilities. You have business-oriented themes, special themes for WooCommerce, themes for consultancy, themes for blogs and more. Before a theme is chosen, we will first check it extensively, mainly at the back. If clean, light and well-structured code is used, the theme will receive a green light from us.

3. Additional plugins.

Plugins are small files with pieces of code. These files connect to the WordPress CMS system. Plugins often add extra functions to the WordPress system that are not available by default. For example, there are plugins which let you show your instagram on your website, or with which you can easily adjust your SEO settings. Clients often have specific requirements for their website. We will then look for a matching plugin. No plugin available? No worries, we can build these ourselves through our customized solutions. Just as long as it fully meets your wishes and requirements.

6 benefits of a WordPress website

1. Affordable

WordPress is open source. This means that everyone can use and distribute it for free. In addition to the free system, there are also a lot of good free plugins that can expand the functionality of your WordPress website. Themes are also very affordable, you often pay no more than € 50 to € 60 for a professional and well-coded template.

2. Dynamic development

Compared with, for example, self-built CMS systems, WordPress is constantly being improved, updated and further developed. This means that, for example, security leaks or bugs in the system are quickly addressed & resolved. It is also easily scalable and has extensive growth possibilities.

3. Flexible

Because the WordPress system is open source, it is available for everyone. You are not tied to one partner or one party. Everyone can adjust things and continue with the development of your website. Not satisfied with your WordPress website builder? You can switch to someone else without a hassle. Although you will never need this tip with Webconexus.

4. User-friendly

The WordPress CMS system is very user-friendly and easy to understand for people who are not familiar with managing websites. Because it has been developed for years, you can find almost everything on the front-end and also adjust to it. The system has also been fully translated into many different languages.

5. Versatile and SEO friendly

WordPress is a community that is fully open to developers. Often a plug-in has been developed for every possible functionality. This is also reflected when you look at SEO. WordPress itself is very SEO friendly, but this is further enhanced by plugins such as Yoast.

6. Customization possible

Custom functions within WordPress are of course possible. We can fully customize themes and plugins and fully adapt them to client specific wishes / requirements. Because WordPress is still used as the basis, this can be realized at relatively low costs.

WordPress maintenance

Because WordPress is being developed at a fast pace, this means that new updates are being released very frequently. Through these updates your website will remain protected against new security risks and you will have access to the most recently released functions and possibilities. Updating a WordPress website is not always as easy as it seems and often goes further than just clicking on the "update" button.

Because WordPress is currently the most popular CMS, it is also a popular target for hackers. That is why it is essential that you keep track of this after the deployment of your website. There is a lot of time, effort and money invested in a website and you are often very proud of the end result. If you do not update the WordPress CMS system, the themes or plugins, bad things can happen to your website. For example, hackers can place hidden backlinks, spread malware on even overtake your server and use them for DDoS attacks. Annoying for your website visitors of course, but also the ranking in the search engines is deteriorating.

Just like plugins and themes, programming languages are also constantly evolving. If your website will fall behind on this and does not go along with these innovations , it is possible that certain functions will no longer work properly, or are no longer supported at all. All products around WordPress are constantly being improved. Think of plugin programmers, theme developers and the WordPress community itself. So no updates means no new (and improved) functions.

Is WordPress maintenance really necessary?

This is of course different per individual occasion, but in most cases it is wise to let a specialist handle this. They are indeed additional costs and it seems unnecessary for many people, but the security risks that it entails are by no means an exaggeration. Some plugins are used by millions of people so there are plenty of hackers who scan WordPress websites via automatic scripts to fish for security leaks.

Our advice

We made a checklist to see when specialised WordPress maintenance could be a good option.

WordPress maintenance required:

  • A popular theme or commonly used plugins are used.
  • More than € 750 has been invested in your website.
  • You want to continue to grow & improve online.

WordPress maintenance unnecessary:

  • An unknown theme is used and you work with virtually no plugins.
  • Less than € 750 has been invested in your website.
  • You take it for granted that your website can go offline for some time in the future.
  • You are satisfied with your current online business and do not think about expanding.

Do maintenance yourself

Of course you can also do the maintenance yourself. Our experience, however, is that people without programming experience simply press the "update" button, without knowing what they are doing. This usually leads to problems on the website or even a website crash. This is because a website needs to be tailored to the new version of, for example, a WordPress update. The same applies to themes and plugins. Are you a bit familiar with HTML / CSS and basic PHP functions or does your website contain almost / no customization? Then you can in principle perform the updates yourself.

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